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Welcome! We believe that nothing says 'I love you' like a custom made engagement ring. Why, because of the effort you put into the design and the choosing of the design.

We have the largest Selection of enagagement rings and designs in the world, because we custom make all our jewellery, we can create almost any piece for you to suit your budget, please send us your design for pricing.

Craig Marks, Managing Director

Popular Designs
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True Love Blossoms
Retail Price R34,552
Our Price R17,276
Open Air Solitaire
Retail Price R54,440
Our Price R27,220
Elegant Princess Engagemen..
Retail Price R56,715
Our Price R28,358
Infinite Designer Solitair..
Retail Price R66,686
Our Price R33,343
Breathless Engagement Ring
Retail Price R75,592
Our Price R37,796
Elegant Beauty - Designer
Retail Price R76,743
Our Price R38,371
Cushion Solitaire
Retail Price R84,691
Our Price R42,345
Craig Marks Designer Ring
Retail Price R87,277
Our Price R43,638
Crown Platinum Solitaire
Retail Price R95,758
Our Price R47,879
The Heart Shape Engagement
Retail Price R103,287
Our Price R51,643
Trilogy Engagement Ring
Retail Price R106,490
Our Price R53,245
Queen of Magnificence
Retail Price R111,882
Our Price R55,941
Double Claw Stylish Halo
Retail Price R121,741
Our Price R60,870
Modern Classic Twist
Retail Price R140,590
Our Price R70,295
Angelic Cushion Halo
Retail Price R169,915
Our Price R84,957
Eternity Solitaire Accente..
Retail Price R176,853
Our Price R88,426
Sophisticated Elegance Eng..
Retail Price R201,712
Our Price R100,856
Sheer Beauty Engagement Ri..
Retail Price R201,712
Our Price R100,856
Trilogy Engagement Ring
Retail Price R202,079
Our Price R101,039
6 Claw Stunner
Retail Price R206,853
Our Price R103,427
Craig Marks Designer Ring
Retail Price R207,697
Our Price R103,848
Cushion and Trillion Trilo..
Retail Price R224,298
Our Price R112,149
Modern Antique Designer
Retail Price R227,472
Our Price R113,736
King Emerald Trilogy
Retail Price R367,133
Our Price R183,566
Designer Cushion Cut Ring
Retail Price R371,907
Our Price R185,953
Dream Rock Engagement Ring
Retail Price R429,267
Our Price R214,634

Craig Marks Custom Made.

We believe that nothing says 'I love you' like a custom made engagement ring. On this website you will find many different styles of Craig Marks Custom Made engagement rings. Above are some of the rings we have completed before. Check our latest styles and updates on Facebook.

Each ring design can be altered and changed to suit your individual needs. All our consultants will gladly help you choose the best style for you. Many rings come in and out of our head office daily, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Because we custom make jewellery we can create almost any ring for you at any budget. We work together with you to give you the best design at the best price. We do the same for any other piece of jewellery. We also custom make bridal jewellery such as eternity rings and tennis bracelets.

When it comes to budget please don’t hesitate to communicate it to us, it helps us to make suggestions that you would not have thought of or even know about. There are certainly ways to make sure every rand is well spent. It is no use buying a Flawless diamond, colour D and it is only a 0.10ct in a solitaire ring. You would be better of spending the money on a bigger diamond with slightly lower clarity and colour.

Every Craig Marks Custom Made sales person has worked in the jewellery trade for many years. We will not hire people who cannot help you put together the perfect ring. Our sales staff is also friendly, helpful and communicates well.

We have sold thousands of jewellery pieces since forming in 2007. Clients love purchasing from us because of the level of service and help they receive from our staff and effort we put into keeping the price affordable. Despite our affordable prices we use the very best jewellers the industry has to offer.

If you are in the market for a rare or large diamond please contact us. We have yet to come across a request that we could not fill in regards to a diamond requirement.

Contact us today either via live help, telephone, e-mail or by requesting information.

Craig Marks Custom Made – Custom made. Because nothing says "I love you" like a custom made Engagement ring.

Prices are subject to change - due to rand/dollar and diamond price increases.